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Re-establishing mint as a premium British crop has been a labour of love and everyone at Summerdown is immensely proud of the achievement. Our efforts are increasingly recognised in the food industry, with Summerdown teas and chocolates receiving prestigious awards.

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  • Shelf Talk

    Fine Food Digest, February 2013

    Summerdown's box of chocolate peppermint creams make the perfect springtime gift
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  • Sweet Talk

    Speciality Food, March 2013

    Summerdown Mint launches new sweet range
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  • The Summerdown story hits prime time

    Fine Food Business, November 2012

    Summerdown Mint's award winning range of teas and chocolates
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  • COUNTRY LIFE has loved...

    Country Life, 30th May 2012

    TV presenter Jay Rayner visits Summerdown for BBC's The One Show
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  • Freshly minted

    Strutt & Parker Land Magazine, Spring 2012

    Sir Michael Colman has reintroduced a crop not seen for generations on his Hampshire farm
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  • Ho-ho-how can we source the best gifts?

    Hampshire The County Magazine, November 2011

    Make friends and family happy with Summerdown peppermint scent diffusers
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  • Three more Great Taste Awards for 2011

    Hampshire Society, October 2011

    Sir Michael Colman describes this as a wonderful endorsement of his decision to reintroduce Black Mitcham mint to this country
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  • The story of Summerdown mint

    Food & Wine, September 2011

    Discovering the true mint of Old England
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  • Mint condition

    Hampshire Society, September 2011

    The fragrant world of mint farming at Summerdown Farm
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  • In your store:award-winning mints

    Fine Foodies, September 2011

    Along with Summerdown’s peppermint tea, they’ve won six Great Taste Awards in three years
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  • Newly minted

    Taste Gold, 2011-2012

    English peppermint tea wins a two star accolade in the Great Taste Awards
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  • Farm in mint condition

    The Countryman, July 2011

    How Summerdown reinstated the excellence of English mint
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  • An intense range of mint

    Speciality Food, July 2011

    Summerdown’s award-winning peppermint chocolates and teas are joined by scent diffusers
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  • How Sir Michael is minting it in

    Hampshire The County Magazine, April 2011

    Turning back the clocks to reintroduce Black Mitcham mint
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  • 3 of the best Mother’s Day gifts

    Great British Food, April 2011

    Summerdown Chocolate Peppermint Creams are perfect payment for a mother’s years of sacrifice
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  • Tea party

    Speciality Food, February 2011

    England has a history of producing great teas
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  • Santa baby

    Great British Food, December 2010

    Divine treats include snappy mint thins flavoured with the essence of Hampshire-grown mint
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  • News on brews

    Speciality Food, November 2010

    The British are famous for their love of hot drinks, including peppermint tea
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  • We love...The Hampshire mint man

    Country Life, 1 September 2010

    How Black Mitcham has flourished at Summerdown Farms
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  • Newly minted

    Taste Gold, 2010-2011

    Chocolate Mint Thins win a coveted gold star in the Great Taste Awards
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  • Cuppa Chameleon

    Speciality Food, February 2010

    Summerdown’s mint teas in the changing British tea market
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  • Mitcham mint chocolate ice cream

    Loddon & Eversley on a Plate, October 2009

    A favourite recipe for all ages
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  • Reintroducing Black Mitcham

    Love British Food, Aug 2009

    Bringing back the taste after more than 50 years
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  • In mint condition

    Speciality Food, July 2009

    Peppermint travel sweets join Summerdown’s range
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  • Turning over a new leaf

    Speciality Food, February 2009

    Speciality and herbal teas are changing British tea drinkers
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  • Very important producer

    Waitrose Food Illustrated, February 2009

    How English peppermint kept Sir Michael Colman in the food industry
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  • Summerdown Mint Crisps

    Harvey Nichols Food News, October 2008

    A new addition to the Summerdown range
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  • Speciality & Fine Food Fair Preview

    Speciality Food, September 2008

    Bringing a taste of tradition to confectionery
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  • Shelf Talk

    Fine Food Digest, September 2008

    A Hampshire farm brings minty flavour to London show
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  • Pure and simple

    Great British Food, September 2008

    Summerdown launches new chocolate mint crisps
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  • Creating a product for the consumer

    Farmers Guardian, 15 August 2008

    The Colman family’s new farming venture
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  • Farming to make a mint

    The Field, 24 April 2008

    The quality of the past in single-estate peppermint oil
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  • Making a mint

    Hampshire Life, March 2008

    Reviving an old English mint crop is a perfect retirement project
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  • Health stirs tea sector

    Speciality Food, January 2008

    From detox to revitalising, there’s a transformation in tea
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  • Cool cuppa

    The Resident, January 2008

    As close to a fresh mint infusion as a teabag can get
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  • My top buys of the year

    Observer Food Monthly, December 2007

    The finest flavoured peppermint tea from Summerdown
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  • Shelf Talk

    Fine Food Digest,, December 2007

    Peppermint tea launches in Harvey Nichols
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  • Time for tea?

    Great British Food,, October 2007

    Summerdown has just launched a brand new peppermint tea
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  • Food & drink notes

    Independent Magazine,, 24 November 2007

    Considering Summerdown peppermint tea, a year after writing about the rather good peppermint fondants
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  • Six kitchen greats

    Times Magazine,, 20 October 2007

    Refreshing mint tea made to a traditional recipe with a really minty kick
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  • Six kitchen greats

    Times Magazine,, 27 January 2007

    There’s always room for a chocolate peppermint cream
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  • Shelf Talk

    Fine Food Digest,, January 2006

    Summerdown revives true taste of mints
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