A passion for peppermint

Twenty years ago Sir Michael Colman founded Summerdown Mint and decided to grow peppermint on his farm in Hampshire. Not just any mint. He wanted to grow the kind of mint that was grown in England over 100 years ago – the kind which produced the finest premium peppermint oil. An oil that would have all of the flavours and aromas that we have been missing out on since mass-production and blended oils became the norm.

Our mint

A variety of Black Mitcham peppermint proved to be best suited to the English climate and local soil. The first patch was the size of a tennis court, and this has grown into the fields that we lovingly tend and harvest today. The longer growing season and cooler climate allow the plants all of the time that they need to develop an oil that has a true depth of character.

Each year we set out to harvest and distill this unique mint in our purpose-built distillery before barrelling the oil to mature for two years, allowing it to develop the aroma and flavour that you’ll recognise as Summerdown Mint.

Last September we we’re thrilled that BBC Countryfile sent presenter Anita Rani to film the harvest here at Summerdown. 

Watch our own film here

Our products

The full peppermint experience – body, bath and home

You only have to walk through one of our fields on a Summer’s evening to appreciate the power of peppermint’s natural aroma. We set out to capture the unique properties of our single estate peppermint oil to create a collection that would be unlike anything else on the market. The fragrance is fresh and invigorating, transporting you straight to the heart of the english countryside – the home of Summerdown Mint.

All of our products are 98% natural and free from sulfates, parabens, PEGs, petrochemicals and artificial colourings. Our collection, has been voted WINNER in the Naturally inspired category in the Natural Health and Beauty Awards.

The taste of pure peppermint - Chocolates, teas, sweets and oils

The Taste of Summerdown Mint chocolate and tea is exactly as your great-grandparents knew it – a taste lost for generations. Fresh, smooth and light, it is very different from the blended and imported mints of recent years.

All of our products are Great Taste Award winners – the Oscars of the food world, affirming that we only use the finest ingredients on our farm. Award-winning chocolates made from a unique English mint – it’s a combination that ensures that our products are sought after by the finest food halls, farm shops and stores around the world.

Spring refresh

With thoughts turning to Spring days, we’ve collaborated with British paint manufacturer, Little Greene to provide you with some interior design tips to refresh your home for the upcoming Spring months.

We spoke to their Marketing Director, Ruth Mottershead about the latest colour trends for your home.

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